Please choose the ZIP recovery software license below. All licenses are not time limited, you can run the ZIP reapair utility each time you want to recover orphaned zip files.
  Software Licenses
Personal License for home users, it is can not be used for commercial purposes. Each Personal License should be used for each single user...eRepair ZIP Personal

Personal License can be used by single, home user for non-commercial purposes.

Business License for corporative, government environment. One Business License can be used by single user at one business object...eRepair ZIP Business

Business License - to use the program in a government, corpora
tive or business environment.

Site License - limited by CPU quantity. It can be used on up to 100 computers of the same site. Virtual mashines are not allowed !eRepair ZIP Site

Site License allowed to use the eRepairZIP on up to 100 computers at the same physical site location.

ZIP recovery tool can be downloaded worldwide and used to fix, recover damaged ZIP archives. It is also distributed on the CD, delivery price is included. ZIP eRepair demo displays all files which can be recovered, but it is not allow to save recovered data till register.

Extract files from damaged ZIP archive with zip recovery tool for corrupted zip files.

eRepair ZIP is zip recovery tool which repairs files from damaged ZIP archives. The program repairs data from ZIP file and minimizes data loss during recovery. The ZIP repair tool scans the entire corrupted structure and saves maximum information from the unreadable ZIP file. The program uses advanced algorithms and methods for recovering data from broken ZIP archives. The full scan of a ZIP file as a zip fixer  and several recovery algorithms allow program to minimize data loss while recovering data from bad ZIP files. Additionally winzip repair utility checks the integrity of recovered data and can be used to repair zip files of oversized and truncated (partial downloaded) archives. The user sees maximum information about the data being recovered and extracted from damaged ZIP file. It can be successfully used to recover truncated zip files. Its convenient and clear user friendly interface makes the ZIP data recovery process comfortable and clear for users and it is able to extract data from either multipart or corrupt zip archive.

Only $27 for full personal version.

Our software is available for download worldwide. You can download and evaluate the zip fix utility right now. The hard copy on the CD is also available for ordering. Ordinary postal delivery is included to a price of a CD package.

Click this to know more about ZIP eRepair tool. The full description of ZIP repair utility. Download Free ZIP Recovery trial version. Try this out, demo version will show you all files being recovered with the full version.


eRepair ZIP does not edit, modify or add any information to the source ZIP file. The tool reads the corrupted ZIP files and saves the recovered data to a separate folder preserving the folders and file names
of the original ZIP archive. eRepair ZIP can recover password protected zip files, you will be prompted to enter the password before recovery.
There you can find the set of users testimonials. Successfull stories of our customers about recover of ZIP archive damages, oversized archive, data extraction from damaged zip etc.

I just wanted to say thank you for this product to fix ZIP files.

My ZIP file was accidentally damaged and out 700 plus photos from a new camera was devastated when I realized I had my Mother-in-Law's 70th Birthday party at this archive. Everyone from the party is anxiously awaiting these photos as I was the only one with a group shot of all in attendance...

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