eRepair ZIP

How to fix a damaged ZIP file or folder with the help of eRepair ZIP?


Checks the integrity of the recovered data from bad ZIP archive

User-friendly interface

Repairs data from oversized ZIP archives with sizes greater than 2Gb

Extracts files from truncated archives, even if the ZIP archive wasn't completely downloaded


eRepair ZIP (Download) extracts files from damaged ZIP archives or ZIP folders. The program repairs data from the ZIP file and minimizes data loss during recovery.

The ZIP repair tool scans the entire corrupted structure and saves the maximum possible amount of information from the heretofore unreadable ZIP file. The program uses advanced algorithms and methods for recovering data from broken ZIP archives.

System requirements:
  • Windows 98/ME/NT 4.0/2000/XP/XP SP2/2003/Vista/7/8/10
  • eRepair ZIP doesn't edit, modify, delete or add any information to the source ZIP file. The software reads the bad ZIP file or folder and then saves the recovered files to a separate folder, preserving the folders and file names of the original ZIP archive.
  • eRepair ZIP can recover password-protected ZIP files. Simply enter the password for the archive, and eRepair ZIP will do the rest.
  • The tool reads the corrupted ZIP content and saves the recovered data to a separate folder preserving the folders and file names of the original ZIP archive.
  • eRepair ZIP is not password-recovery software.


With eRepair ZIP you can fix next errors:

  • File Path: Either multipart or corrupt ZIP archive.
  • The Compressed Folder is invalid.
  • CRC failed error.
  • The file or directory is corrupt and non-readable.
  • Expected Zip file header not found.
  • Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive.
  • Invalid data into a Zip file.
  • The archive was empty or otherwise corrupt.
  • WinZip Self-Extractor file is damaged.

How it Works?


Download software from website: eRepairZIPInstall.exe


Start Install software:

  1. Press on downloaded installation file in browser
  2. Select a downloaded installation file in Windows Explorer and press Enter or double click on it.


Please confirm warning message:


Run installation wizard:


Run program:

  • Double click on icon on desktop:


  • Select from main menu: Start | Programs | eRepair ZIP | eRepair ZIP


Please select a damaged Zip file on first page of repair wizard in eRepair Zip:


Press Next button:


The program displays a folder tree and a list of files in each folder. Select the folders and/or files you want to keep from the damaged WinZip archive.


Press Next button:


Select path to save a recovered data:


On last page shows a detailed log of recovery process:

Video Manual

How to fix a corrupted WinZIP archive? eRepair ZIP extracts files from incorrect *.zip files in just a few clicks.